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Commercial - Residential - Vehicle

We provide Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, otherwise known as T.S.C.M. 

These services are provided for corporate and personal electronic sweep investigations throughout Chicagoland. 

We offer service and consultation in a private and confidential manner. We always protect our client’s best interests, privacy, and safety.

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Are you being watched, tracked or eavesdropped?


  • Corporate Office Sweeps (TSCM)
  • Vehicle GPS Detection
  • Residential Bug Sweeping Services
  • Operations Management
  • Forensic Computer Counter-Measures
  • Cell Phone Security
  • Encryption Services
  • Electronic Harassment Protection
  • 24/7 Service
  • Undercover Operations

About Us

Chicago Bug Sweepers provides Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures, Bug Sweeps & Electronic Counter Surveillance services to maintain and restore privacy.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians to perform bug sweeps for detecting listening devices, hidden cameras, and tracking devices. 

Free Consultation: 1-630-953-3100

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    We serve Chicagoland, Illinois and other locations by special appointment

    Are you being spied on? Don't let your home-privacy be violated. Call us today at 630-953-3100 to flush out any hidden cameras and listening devices.
    Is your conference room bugged? We can assist. Call us today at 630-953-3100 for a free consultation.
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